Thursday, August 28, 2008

Second Grade

School is in! Isaac finally started second grade on Monday. He was really excited to ride the bus, more so than to go to school itself. His teacher is Ms. Jenny and we've heard a lot of good stuff about her. There are also 2 aides that help out in the classroom as well, Bonnie and BJ. Isaac is in a 2nd/3rd grade split Autistic Cluster Unit. He has 12 other students who have similar diagnoses, 4 of which he has had in previous classes!

Isaac is going to a brand-new, state of the art school! They even have a sensory room for his enjoyment! They also have motion sensors on the lights in his classroom. If the lights don't detect movement, they turn themselves off! SO COOL! Not to mention, this school is a little closer to home which makes mommy very happy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Bye Dingy Dud

Finally! After living in our house for 7 years, we've painted our whole house. As some of you may have witnessed for yourself, they ugly choice of paint the builders choose for our house, otherwise known as "Dingy Dud", wasn't as warm and inviting as we had liked. And after realizing what a huge project painting our house was going to be, we weren't too quick to start.

At first, we chose the easy rooms that required little or no prep work. We both agreed on a neutral color for the majority of the walls and a nice accent color for a few of the walls. Mike and I had finally painted every last bit of the house that was reachable without scaffolding when we finally had to break down and go to the "next" level. We rented 11' scaffolding from Home Depot and got down to business. Other than Isaac claiming to be "sick" on the first day, everything went according to plan.

It took us about 2 days to paint the ceiling and the upper walls of the entry and family room (that was Mike's job). I was in charge of all the corners, around all the windows, all of the trim, and cleaning all the blinds before we hung them back up. SO FUN! It took us another 3 days to get the lower part of the walls and trim painted.
An entire year and 19 gallons of paint later, we have no more DINGY DUD! WHOO HOO! Mike and I both agreed- if we ever need to paint the whole house again, we will MOVE instead!